A short weekend is enough for getting just relaxed. But if you want to get refreshed and get rejuvenated, then a more extended weekend is something you should opt for. But whenever you began to see the places to go, you can get confused. Where to do, what to do, and, most importantly, the ways to get relax.So, here we are going to tell you about some of those destinations where you can visit. After reading this blog, you can get on to Google Flights to see those cheap flights. Now, We will see those exotic destinations.


Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Living for a few days in the mountain will cheer you up. However, you will have to drive from Mexico City for two hours to get to this place.  The Town of Valle De Bravo is small, but in no way, it is not pleasant. You will find a colonial church, the lake, and the main square. You may think for a second; you have to travel back in time. There are many sports here as well, like paddle boarding, water skiing, and Sailing. You can do all this and travel to the top of the mountain to see one of the best sunrises. Not only this, there are options for Hiking, Rock climbing, hand Gliding, and Biking as well. Then there is a market where you can go shopping. You will find the Famous Handicrafts. There is a museum as well. Overall you can spend the best time for a long weekend. If you are looking for cheap hotels then Google flight search is an excellent option to look for. 

Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

Now from the mountain and small place, we shall move to another fantastic site. It's a combination of Beaches, Lakes, and Mountains. Sometimes you will find a lake for which you are not even looking for.  It is situated near Lake Ontario; there are three sandy beaches. It would not be exaggerating to say; they are one of the best beaches in the world.  There is Sandbanks Provincial Park, where you should go to spend your time on a more extended weekend.   There are resort if you prefer to keep yourself privately.  There is pale sand which is famous for its scenery.